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    NFL: Very Good situation this week and Next week...

    Routine situation that should happen this week and next week.

    Giants in a must win game to tie the division facing pathetic Miami and attractive line. Every sharp, wanna be sharp and entire public is on Giants. Only a few contrarians are on miami. Miami line didn't move to -1 because of sharp action...it moved because of all the underground books dumping all the action that they received on giants to get the % to atleast 60-40 giants-miami. Miami should win by double digits and kill all bets and parlays and teasers.

    everyone will call giants worthless and avoid next week when they face panthers. panthers will be favored only by 3.5 to 4.5 point next week and everyone who got slaughtered this week will bet even more on the red hot caroline next week. Giants will cover and most likely win straight up next year. after the lose again, most will cry fix and call newton names.

    This happens every year.

    Take dolphins this week and giants next week and save yourself from the misery.
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    Kind of agree. I do feel like next week Giants may give Carolina all they'll want, that's for sure.

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    Cantor and Westgate in Vegas have Carolina -6