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    JJ Gold Happier Past

    As chance would have it I once met met Mr. Gold who seemed like a nice enough fellow in spite of his obvious limitations. Consequently I used to allow JJ to hang with me occasionally because I felt kind of sorry for him. Even set him up with a nice young lady the one and only evening I permitted him to join my party. He can be seen sitting in the booth at :35 sec., :45 sec., 1:00 min., 1:20 min., 2:35 min., 2:46 min. (the lady I sent over to be his "date" set me back $500).

    The kicker is I later found out from the gal that he couldn't even get it up so I was the one who got screwed that night - out of $500 that is.

    You coulda made me proud JJ. Alas the rise and fall of JJ Gold. Very sad.

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    Good one guy

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    A happier past indeed

    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    If you guys are horny just light up the flame, douse the wood with some TD-4 jelly, lick your tongue a few times while waving your prey to come over and get some Liquor, show him a twizzler and show him how the grooves work and explain the pain in the cork is ok because it validates him as new generation Ice Cube, when your done throw him the cubes, cool down the wood and make sure you have 4 wooden corks just in case the tomato leaks. You guys are sick mother fukkers. Fuk me I am going to bed and laying it in the bed hole and falling asleep and waking up to a nice compressed sexual reaction while we wack the plastic and make love to the magazine. The fur is your friend, the cork is your enemy.