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    The Prick
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    Beat The Prick Week 4 Leaderboard: Enjoy it while ya can

    291 Lucky clowns, im bringing it on week 5

    oh and these fuggers gotta log into the betpoints book before claiming the prize

    congokiwi;meldrumrose;silfornia;mikevega s2014;captn1;patrickchief;pilebuck13;Chi bears2015;kerry1106;AbangLao;samizdat;An onyMoose;lightharper;spidsparks;sohistor y;hrsssdog;EddieMusher;kid715;dave06512; somethin2envy;STOTINJIM;txdallas112;bree zy;only1bobby;bhuang626;aznsensation5;Ma dGeniusOfFB;hopsnyc;JACKAL-system;PASTA BOYS;dberry963;Hotwheeler702;rec5056;ace hole;

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    I don't understand why I'm on there... I sucked

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    I guess a push counts as a loss in BTP?

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    293 The Prick 3-2-0 60.00 % L 2 50.0 +1.75 -
    314 Rudeboy 3-2-0 60.00 % L 2 -3.5 +1.75 -

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    Ruder there is another contest called tie the prick later this year.

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    and advance
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    Too easy. Try mixing in a salad one time for me, prick

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    Prick is human after all..

    3-2 is still a winning record though....

    You're starting to slip though Prick week to week, what's up? Everything ok on the home front?.. Still sporting a very solid win/loss record from the start of this contest.. Respk..

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    The Prick is slipping cause he's too busy thinking about the Senoritas that he can't catch.
    Or maybe it's due to him being caught like them Fanduel and Draft King primadonnas.
    Lost his inside trading hook-up.

    Or better yet he just sucks this year.