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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Dead serious Corbin. I will go on a bender only comparable to the one I experienced the night Bin Laden was killed. I was a Met fan in Citizens Bank Park that night. Made a move on a gorgeous Phillies fan in the row behind me when they announced it over stadium PA. Surprisingly she didn't have herpes. The whole crowd was wasted and partying with each other. You'll never see NY and Philly fans uniting like that again. Unreal. That's what I envision the day DFS dies will be like...the day Bin Laden died. That's how much I fukking hate it guy.
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    Holy Mary Poppins this is sickening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharpAngles View Post
    Bubble about to burst here boys. Online poker all over again
    Disagree. This fantasy industry was well funded from the onset and covered their bases before they even launched, while online poker evolved.

    Lobby and legal strong in its own right, but partnering with the NFL? Forget about, all the clout in the world.

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    Employees shouldn't be allowed to play at any dfs sites

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    Wow this story blewup

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    Yes getting tremendous attention

    all over major networks

    This shit will be banned

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