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    do ya think sports is rigged damn right

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    i dont think the mob got to him i think vegas did with some $$$$$$$$

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8550937 View Post
    do ya think sports is rigged damn right

    Hope you dont bet because if sports is rigged then you dont have a chance to win your bet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serbone View Post
    I had Alabama, BIG!!!

    Theres a horse in Ireland, called Post Coital Mindfukk

    owners can't afford to send him over to race in USA.

    if they could he might win.

    if he did you'd have bet on him.

    and if he didn't win but came in 3rd you'd have just bet the show.

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    lol rigged game

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    Italian mob doesn't have that kind of power anymore, Russian mob the most powerful, they only fix low level soccer matches now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blutarski View Post
    I don't believe organized crime was involved. Maybe I should have posted my opinion in another thread. It's a common practice to attempt to "take out" a teams best player, especially for a game of this magnitude. My post was in regard to the reasons why he stayed out, and didn't at least attempt to go in for a series. Show the fans you can't play. If it turns out he has a legitimate injury such as a broken shoulder blade I'll be the first to apologize for Colt's reason for staying out. As it stands now it looks like someone counting their money(being a top three pick) before they have it.
    If you're not seriously injured at least be a total douche and request a stretcher and ambulance to be taken to the hospital. Count your money in the back of the ambulance where no one can see you. I don't want to see you smiling, clapping and swinging your arms on the sidelines perfectly fine, which I believe he was. If you're a fraud you got to sell it real good, remember Colt this is the biggest stage you are ever going to be on in your life. You have to have people believe in you (deep sarcasm).
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