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    lakerboy's style is to take the worst looking bets. and that fits perfectly into april baseball. i bet he makes six figures in april alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggie12 View Post
    Not yet one day maybe
    like in 2250 A.d. for me.

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    wtf thats crazy, gl though

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    I laid down 100 units on the Giants totals yesterday, and there are players ON this site that spoke with me through personal email and PM regarding it! w00t. I also won 20u on the UNDER met's game, and lost 17u on the UNDER SOX game yesterday.

    +103u biggest win of 2015. Have another 10u on the late game tonight!!! Trying to keep this role going while the gettin's good!

    I find value in the first 4 weeks of MLB, and i wouldn't ever risk 50% of my bankroll in one day unless i was certain on very particular things....Nothing certain *to me, in MY own opinion* until later in the week.

    edit---Definitely didn't waste my money. Just turned a 20k roll into 30k. Stemmed from one initial deposit of $200 built to 6k in plays since the beginning of 2015, and lost it all. Re-bought in for $300, currently @ $30,441 @ one book. Still Have money in 5D and Youwager (don't use it though, just sitting for the worst of circumstances!)
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    I'm all over Seattle to beat Angels tonite. Granted it is something of a hunch bet.

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