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    Is it poor betting strategy to bet on the team you root for?

    I live in the Philly area and root for all the local teams but it seems my win % is horrible when trying to pick a winner. The only team I'm having an luck with is the Flyers because they basically are a win-at-home/lose-on-the-road team this year. As far as Eagles, Sixers and those goddamn Phillies, I might as well fade myself! Villanova looked like a contender on Thursday, pretender on Saturday. You would think that the more you know about a team, the better you would be able to handicap them. Its not only Philly teams either. The more that I follow a team, the more info I get from stats, etc, the worse my handicapping gets.

    I'm starting to believe that the way to win in sports betting is to follow trends such as home/away %, watch the injury lists, and over/under stats, following the hot teams such as ATL's streak in Jan.

    Anyone else have a rule of thumb of staying away from your favorite teams? (And screw all you guys who think the problem is I live near Philly)

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    The best way is to bet against your favorite team therefore you win either way the second alternative is like you said just stay away if you do have a favorite team

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    no true gambler has 'favorite teams'

    you bet on who you think will win. no emotional ties

    if I didn't bet sports i probably wouldn't even watch sports. Never understood how a guy can be a huge say Eagles fan yet never bet on them. Being a major supporter of a college team I could understand, say you went to the college, but never understood how grown men live and die with a professional sports team

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    Poor strategy to bet on any teams.

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    They usually try to limit the number of teams from Philly in the tournament every year to prevent fights, rioting, looting and other miscellaneous violent drunkenness.

    Its why Temple got snubbed.

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    Always bet against teams you root for.
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    Depends if you can be objective. Much easier to do when your team is mediocre or bad.

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    Yep, hedge with your emotions. You never lose