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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Agreed, I spent 2 hours last night watching his youtube vids

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    Men we are all Chipper haters now

    Can you imagine if they get in playoffs next year??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor4140 View Post
    Well u can run anything in this shit league because 95 percent of the teams can't stop anything. But being realistic he is just to slow like Foles. Foles succeeded 1 year and everyone realized u stop the run u shut him down. Im a Bradford fan and it works with receivers which again we have basically none. Another thing he really is fragile. His shoulders all busted up in college and now his knees are going? Again im a pocket passer fan and have no problem with him as my QB but not in this system but than again putting a mobile QB in this system just begs for him to last six games a year. So who the hell knows.
    Well I guess we'll see. I think the rushing problems last year were two fold. OL injuries and McCoy probably dancing too much because of that lack of trust due to the injuries. The year before everything jived and I think it had something to do with better OL health and McCoy wasn't trying to do Barry Sanders on every other play. I still don't think a mobile QB is needed in the current existence of this system. It's not the Oregon system Chip ran, it's the NFL tweaked version of it with the personnel he has to work with.

    The OL obviously they need a replacement for Herremans, but I think the OL is still a strength when healthy if Lane Johnson can finally be a factor for all 16 games. Definitely nothing boring about the upcoming season and draft.

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