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    Strange the times are already set for NFC & AFC title games.....

    Seattle hosting the early game next week, while New England hosts the late game.
    I always thought the times were set after the match-ups were decided, but that's not the case. NFL was already showing the NFC would host the early game and AFC the late game regardless of which teams were involved.
    That puts Seattle - GB/Dallas at a noon kickoff Seattle time, while NE - Den/Indy kicks off at 6:30 local time.
    Seems strange that a game in NE in mid-January would start at night when it seems logical to flip-flop the starting times of the two games.
    I know it's all about ratings and wanting the prime match-up to fall in prime time, but I gotta believe that a Dallas - Seattle game would be a ratings bonanza.....whereas a possible Baltimore / Indy game would have been less than attractive. As it turns out, NE / Denver (assuming Denver wins) will be a jackpot. The Manning/Brady hype will be unbearable throughout the week..
    Still, surprised the times were set without knowing the match-ups and host sites.

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    Been like that for how many years?
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    lets get through tomorrows games first guy

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    They alternate which conference has the early game and which has the late game on Championship weekend every year. Each network wants the late game so they take turns regardless of participants.