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    My year end totals for all sports

    Been keeping track of the ML favorite of the day -222 and lower (1.45 decimal and higher)
    in each sport.

    MLB went 123-65 from March until Sept 65%

    NCAAF went 30-15 from August until November 67%

    NFL went 25-16 Sept to Dec 61%

    NHL from Oct to Dec went 59-27 67%

    NBA from Oct to Dec went 49-22 69%

    NCAAB from Nov to Dec went 35-22 61%

    Been keeping track of this for a few years now with similar results.

    I did all the capping crap before seeing this and thought I'd give it a try. My life is a lot easier now.
    About 1/2 hour before game time, go to my book, look for the fav of the day using the minimums
    above and bet. Let the books work for you.

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