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    I am so lucky

    I bet Wager Type : Future/Prop
    Wager Status : PendingRisk / To Win Amount : 310.14 / 142.92(USD)
    Accepted : 1/1/2015 2:38PM - PST

    LIVEDesc : Football - .OREGON DUCKS vs FLORIDA ST SEMINOLES - 1st Half - Which team scores next (Current Score 8:3) OREGON DUCKS -217

    I hit this bet when FSU was about to kick to Oregon from the 10 or something and Oregon took over at the FSU 40.

    The ducks go for it on 4th down rather than kick FG and dont get it.

    FSU marches down and has all those chances to score. Even had to have the FSU TD overturned to get the ball back. then Oregon goes down and kicks a FG coming from the 1 inch line.

    I know these are crack addict bets and I should have lost but somehow I won, and I quit for the day.

    this $453 turnaround in my bankroll helps offset the $650 WKU loss I still think about

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    carrie got her period in the shower
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    I can add to this, and it's the same game.....

    I am so lucky.....I bet Oregon 1h -4.5. I took this game after a tough beat, and decided with a best of 3 coin flip (heads biatch)...

    up 5 with :30 to play, Oregons advance gets called back for penalty. Oregon proceeds to run another play (1st and 25) as opposed to taking a knee, and promptly throws an interception.

    fsu on the 50 with the best kicker I've seen in a minute gets an easy some odd yards. Somehow drop a pass on the ~12 yard line, and set up for a fg with :03 seconds remaining.

    The kick......off the crossbar and BACK!

    This +332$ turnaround offsets my fukking Baylor -280$ ml bet that occurred not too long ago.

    i like this thread. Congrats op.

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    Better lucky than good, good job.