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    Tcu -3.5 -110

    Who is on board today with me? We had a big winner last night looking to get this morning started off right as well. Let's bust em!

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    I think I like this play a lot... Patterson is a good coach and he wont let his team lay an egg after getting shut out of the playoff... Ole Miss won't be able to hold TCU to under 30 pts imo, and will have a hard time scoring 30. Im thinking a 35-24 type final score

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    I should've tailed you on that Stanford bet. Didn't think they would blow them out like that.
    I won on ND (2h) & Georgia. Then I gave most of it back on Maryland

    TCU hasn't faced that ferocious of a defense all season. The closest they came to that would probably be WVU (and they almost lost). I am looking for Mississippi's defense to step up and keep them in the game. Ole Miss does not have the offensive firepower to get into a shootout with TCU but they do have enough firepower to win if the defense can find ways to get off the field. Tredwell was a big loss to Mississippi, but Bo Wallace has been pretty solid all year. He's got enough experience, talent and talent around him to get it done IF their defense can keep them in it.

    On the other hand if Miss. has to bring extra help to stop the TCU run game. TCU will slaughter them with their passing game. It's in a dome so weather shouldn't be an issue. The GA dome too, so this is pretty much a home game for Mississippi.

    My head tells me take TCU, but my gut says Ole Miss comes out strong and gets the upset.
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    Good start lets keep it going!

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    TCU looks fukkin good

    No way Miss can comeback..no firepower

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    i hope your right i need TCU to blow these fuks out the water.