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    Harry N. Lloyd
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    What Do You Do With RGIII??

    It's like a bad poker hand. Forget how much $$ you're into it for already, fold. Waive him and never speak of him again. He's beyond broken.

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    Easy-Rider 66
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    Have to agree. It's time for the Deadskins to move in another direction.

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    I have a MAJOR fukkin clue..
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    I actually felt bad for Robert today. Guys in a really tough spot.

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    Money is the motivation!
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    Not defending him cause i dont care if they keep him or waive him....
    but jesus.. i have never seen more interceptions caused by receivers juggling the ball...

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    The Giant
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    He needs to learn to play wide receiver.

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    Mister X
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    Keep him around and make him earn the starting job

    One last chance for Mr. Griffin III

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    Grits n' Gravy
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    I root for him because he was fun to watch as a rookie but you can see he doesn't trust himself, his teammates or his coaches. Gruden needs to go because he is not mentally capable of running a team at this point in his career. Either bring in a coach that runs an offense built around Griffin's strength or cut bait and deal him.