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    Pound the Brownies Sunday

    -128 on the ML... Big Ben is 18-1 against Browns in his career... yup still bet the Browns. This is 2007 all over again... Browns have a good offense, and when we have a good offense we win games. Things are different in Cleveland this year. There is a vibe in the air. Call it a feeling but this isn't the same Steelers we are used to seeing. They barely beat Jaxonville and lost to Tampa at home in the last 2 weeks. Brownies are on the rise and will contend for a playoff spot THIS YEAR!!!!

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    Am i serious? Are you serious?
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    Like this.

    Steelers definitely not the team of 5 years ago.

    Perfect spot to blow pitts out here...


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    Seems like a good bet and if you do play it it has to be Cleveland

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    Ben 18-1 going against Cleve D that has flat out sucked taking the browns at minus money = pass

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    Dan Kelly
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    FIRST - Never ever ever take betting advice from someone who uses "we" when they are talking about any random sports team. This is so obvious that it shouldn't have to be posted at SBR => it is impossible for a fan to make a rational bet on the team they are fanatic about: fan bets are long run, undoubtedly, -EV.

    SECOND - Key injuries on Browns D (Phil Taylor and Joe Haden) mean that the Browns have to outscore Pitt and keep their 'D' off the field with their running game - both are possible, but you definitely don't wanna pound the Browns.