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    Over / under 10 for tears in Mayan's protein shake

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    Mayan about to come in and say fire the poohtoe mattingly

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    as a doyer fan, this is sad. fukking 6-1 lead and the best pitcher on the mound, you don't expect to lose this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghenghis Kahn View Post
    nah man bad location. he meant to throw it high outside, not high right down the middle. he missed it.

    not mattingly's fault. if you take kershaw out and the reliever blows it, he'll never hear the end of it.

    at least he made kershaw make the mistake...
    Yes sir. Missed his spot.

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    most overrated pitcher of all-time

    30 million to a pitcher who sucks in the postseason It's like paying for blue balls....

    and people blaming mattingly, lol....it's hilarious how "elite" players never get blamed for anything.

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    Announcers trying to bail out Kershaw saying Cards were stealing signs. lol ya right.

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