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    Houston Astros+1.5 is + money against King Felix

    The +1.5 @+105 is an automatic play here. Houston seems to have Seattle's number

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    Are those guys gonna magically learn how to hit

    I watched most of the game today and those guys are fukking clueless at the plate against average stuff. Elias threw a fukkton of meatballs and was all over the place. If it was an actual MLB lineup he would have given up like 4 runs at least.

    I understand the principle of the play but I wouldn't do it.

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    Hate to bring this up because I'll be playing Mariners -1 tomorrow, but Astros are 2-0 vs King Felix this year.

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    not sure i believe a team has a pitchers number. Its similiar to what all time record of notre dame vs army..does the 1970 game matter in 2014

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    astros win!!!

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    +243 ML is tough to pass up even if they were facing Sandy Koufax with all lefthanded minor leaguers in the lineup

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    mariners ml

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    if you like to bet on long shots then go for it, throw down afew bills but i gotta agree with nyplayer. How do you have a pitchers number if he's constantly changing his throws and tires out halfway thru the game and another one comes in... Would be a sweet win but Astros are pretty bad.

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    Seattle is garbage

    Cano did not even help them and makes 120 million



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    Plus money on the RL? I'll bite

    Week 2
    4-1-0 468 pts

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    The problem is brad peacock....is he gonna be able to go toe to toe with the king...doubtful....gonna do mariners TT over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Seattle is garbage
    Kind of a good point, which is to say Seattle shouldnt be -260 vrs anyone, I dont care who is pitching. Seattle probably wins this game but smart money goes on the Stros