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    Tips for selecting a Sportsbook.

    Here are some tips to consider when deciding on a sportsbook.

    Pick the right book. If you drive a Ford you wouldn't take it to the Ferrari dealer for service. If you bet $5 a game, you AND the book will be unhappy if you join a book that caters to players who wager $5000 a game.

    TIP 1

    The most important factor to choosing a Sportsbook must first be the quality of the Sportsbook. There are simply too many cases where a player unknowingly joined a Sportsbook by way of some special hook usually a bonus or improved odds then goes on the roll of a lifetime, only later to learn the Sportsbook has stopped paying its customers.

    TIP 2

    Make sure the book you select has limits suitable to your style of play.

    TIP 3

    Make sure the book you join offers the sports you like to play. If your a baseball player find a book with .10 lines such as VIP, Intertops, Pinnacle, Gameday and WWTS.

    TIP 4

    Care for an occasional game of blackjack or craps? Then by all means find a book that doesn't require you to log in to the casino or transfer funds. VIP comes to mind and they have a great casino with $1 minimums.

    TIP 5

    The Bonus - for those of you who skipped straight down to here shame on you. All of the books listed on Sportsbook Review pay a handsome bonus with the exception of WWTS which specializes in larger players and simply doesn't have to pay much of a bonus.

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