I was watching the games with some friends tonight and we turned on the wiz/magic game in the final minute. Orlando was up 87-82 with 40 seconds left on the clock and they started doing what bad teams do........

2.0 87-87 ORL Victor Oladipo missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11.0 ORL Full Timeout
17.0 87-87 WAS John Wall made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Trevor Ariza
24.0 WAS Defensive Rebound by John Wall
29.0 84-87 ORL Victor Oladipo missed Layup
43.0 84-87 WAS John Wall made 3rd of 3 Free Throws
43.0 83-87 WAS John Wall made 2nd of 3 Free Throws
43.0 82-87 WAS John Wall missed 1st of 3 Free Throws
43.0 ORL Shooting foul on Arron Afflalo

Ok so now these dopes are in OT at 87-87 but I have under 201 so still in pretty good shape. Game is at 174 so getting 28 in OT is still a tough proposition. However lets cut to end of the OT......

4.0 Jameer Nelson made Driving layup
9.0 ORL 20-second Timeout
9.0 103-97 WAS Andre Miller made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9.0 102-97 WAS Andre Miller made 1st of 2 Free Throws
9.0 ORL Personal foul on Jameer Nelson
12.0 ORL Personal foul on Arron Afflalo
16.0 WAS Defensive Rebound by Trevor Booker
16.0 101-97 ORL Jameer Nelson missed Jump Shot
27.0 101-97 WAS John Wall made Jump Shot

So at 101-97 jameer Nelson misses a shot . There is 12 seconds left so they foul, they are not in penalty so they have to foul again, and here is where it gets ridiculous. Jameer Nelson fouls with eight seconds left down four points. Washington goes to the line and makes them both, it is now 103-97. So what does jameer Nelson do? He goes in and shoots a layup to cut the lead to FOUR with four seconds left! This is only meaningful to me of course because now the game went over by 1 point. But any same person has to ask why is Jameer Nelson fouling with eight seconds left and then down six points then shooting a layup with four seconds left??? Exactly how many possessions does jameer think the magic are going to get in the last four seconds of overtime??? How does he not at least heave a three and if it goes in they are within one possession. Shooting two there to cut the lead to four after fouling the previous play is so pointless it is laughable.

I am not posting this to bi@@h about a bad beat, every one of us has seen stuff like this happen a dozen or even 200 times in our gambling careers depending on how many years you have under your belt betting sports on a daily basis . I am posting this because every one of us will lose a game like this the first weekend of march madness. If jameer Nelson a first round draft pick and ten year NBA veteran is doing stupid sh@t like this I promise you some sophomore from the missouri valley conference or some other little conference from nowhere is going to do some stupid sh@t as well. The reason march madness is so tough to beat is to be blunt, the madness . These type of losses are gonna hit us all, the lines are so tight and we bet so many games. It will happen, and when it happens many of us will go on tilt and will have 100 betting options in front of us to shoot off our bankrolls within the next 30 minutes. Casino bosses have an expression about bad gamblers "they eat like birds but they sh@t like elephants" . What that means is when we run good we make a little score but when we run bad we go deep and when we go deep we usually go down in flames and there is nothing little about the numbers . With nonstop action coming these next few weeks many of us are one horrific best from making five stupid frustration bets and then we are quickly sinking in the quicksand.

Before march madness starts just remind yourself you are going to get f**ked a couple times and take a couple seemingly impossible losses. Try your best not to compound your misfortune because that is what gamblers do. Best of luck to everyone and I really hope you guys have a great march