I am into my second month of handicapping besides football last 2 years. I am very happy with my first month results having some big moments with very few lows. I love notes and always review mistakes. Notes from yesterday reviewed this morning tells me to back off the challenge. In otherwords I love a challenge anywhere within life and find myself looking for them here which proved to be a disaster yesterday. Yesterday I had a losing team picked against team with only 3 losses and another team pick with only 7 wins all year and one day before had one used with only 6 wins all year. Gonna rewrite here in hopes of some pointers. Do I erased top half of page from my picks or reverse them?

First I wrote down all games handicap which was 39 of the 95 available. Then I write down on second page selections to be considered. Top of of page shows plus picks with bottom of page showing ML. What is interesting here and what I need your help in reviewing is that top of page went 1-8 while bottom went 15-2 rewriting 26 games outta of 39. Gonna cut way back today for sure.

529 Vandy +10.5 (got blown out)
556 Notre Dame
605 western mich +6 (was up 10 with under 3 minutes to go)
615 Rice +18.5
619 Bowling Green +7.5
627 James Madison +3.5
635 Santa Clara +5 (only winner)
646 San Jose St +8.5
666 Fresno St +4.5
page then skips a space saying ML I did feel all above had a shot at winning except one
551 Wright St -5
553 Delaware +1 (did not use)
556 Notre Dame +3.5 Loser (only bet was 60 straight)
561 North Carolina -10.5
563 St Joseph's +3
568 Florida -12
573 Evanvilles +3 (only bet was 50 straight)
584 Towson -5.5
586 Virgina -4
590 Nebraska -9.5
600 Mich -9
602 VCU -5 (did not use)
669 San Fran -4
608 Ariz St -3.5
609 Kentucky -10 Loser

Didn't use 2 on bottom but did bet all from top. Seriously needing some advice here. Anything standing out to you? Top half of page all checkmarks with bottom all c's standouts in front of me as I do use a sharpie. Thanks