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    A message to Greenhippo

    Pal I'm going to help you out here. I hopefully will save you years of aggravation because your still young enough that you can fix the mess you've become. This is a INTERNET FORUM . No one here gives a fukk about anyone else, what they are doing, or who they really are. People come here for entertainment and maybe confirmation that the bet they are or did place is a good one.

    I don't know why your trying so damned hard to make people recognize you here. Think about it, your making videos for GROWN MEN hoping to win their approval. Yikes pal . That combined with your love of using the words Cokk & swallowing , well you know what I'll leave that to the professionals your going to need to get help from. Maybe PM The Giant and ask the man to fit you in between his appointments with Seaweed.

    As to your obsession with me. I get it, I hurt your feelings by beating you at poker & making some off handed comment I don't even remember to Zach. Hippo, I honestly didn't even remember you were alive 5 minutes afterwards and I keep forgetting about you until you come by to stalk my postings. Why are you so mad?

    Take a look at what I've said, really think on it Pal. Most of the guys on this forum are married with kids and lead boring lives. Which is why we gamble, to create some kind of excitement.

    One final thing to think about Hippo. If you truly think your burying me, and your going around screaming to anyone who will listen just how great of a job your doing in burying me. Haven't you noticed one thing? The silence pal. NO one Gives a fukk. And that really hits home as a recurring theme doesn't it?

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    hippo just got stallowned.
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    I'm old and I care

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    you seem to give a fck with that essay there.
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    I's pretty obvious we need an SBR Fight Club.

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    I never understood obsessions myself


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    Get a fukkin room guys!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttwarrior1 View Post
    hippo just got stallowned.
    What are you fukin 8 years old you dumb fuk?