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    What part of the game is this? Your soon to be ex wife snitch on you and now you facing a least a year in jail.

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    Must be a jealous type of thing because I think Felton has a girlfriend right now

    Felton is playing the next game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonz312 View Post
    fair enough but he also went to unc and played for the bobcats and I KNOW it's pretty easy to get a gun legally in north carolina
    I maybe wrong but the gun was licensed in NC just not in NY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menses View Post
    Lotta brave racists on this forum...and its black history month...too...lol gotdamn....

    It's black history month? Oh thanks for telling everyone. I am sure everyone will retract their statements now as all us white folks care so much about black history month.
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