Hi Guys,

new to the forum.
I'm hoping someone can alleviate my worries here.
I have recently put money into Betway. I deposited 50, placed it all on a single bet which won and took me to just under 110.

I then got my 50 free bet and put that on a long shot which actually paid off taking my balance to just over 250.
I went to withdraw, keeping in mind that any previous bookie I have been with normally facilitates this within 12 hours.
Betway however seem to take 48 hours just to **review** the withdrawals then they are apparently made.
When I seen this I googled about it and found this forum and an abundance of stories about them from using dodgy tactics to downright stealing people's money.

I noticed they recently had their Rating upped from D to C- but cant help but feel nervous as I have a was of cash in there and cant help but think I'm going to lose it.

Has anyone dealt with Betway recently and found their service to be acceptable?
Or has anyone dealt with the withdrawal process before which (to me) takes an absolute age considering how long it takes other bookies to transfer money?

Any help appreciated.