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    Small Betting Board Tonight..I Guess Jut NC And Baylor Are The Easy Ones??

    Looking to you here off a 14-4 week

    I know destruction is coming when you win week before

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    jj, feeling UNC +1 here. goodluck tonight
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    You're right. UNC and Baylor look too easy. I'm playing them both small. Nothing else on the board that jumps out to me...

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    mighty maron
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    Over 143 OSU-Baylor

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    I like North Carolina. I am a die hard Tar Heel fan and the first rule of betting is do not bet on your own team. However, this looks way too easy. As far as Baylor and Oklahoma State, I think I am more inclined to play the under.

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    I hate these small cards cause the lines are always blade sharp