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    Quote Originally Posted by allin1 View Post
    Many very intelligent people would find it ridiculous that you would think a better degree proves you have a higher IQ. By that theory you would have Bill Gates in your pocket.
    OK, then how about on average? Would you say a person with an advanced degree from MIT is smarter than Brock Landers?

    In any case I believe it was you who made the ole 'this person is smarter than you' silliness only to follow up with it doesn't matter. If it doesn't matter then why mention it? PS I was also on the debate team and the first thing you learn is not to use ridiculous hypotheticals such as your Bill Gates reference. It exposes how weak your argument is. See how my Brock Landers one is much more to the point?...jus trying to help.

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    if you guys were to take JoJo on a Valentine's Date? what would you do? where would you take her?
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    justin seems a lot smarter than SBR John, wish that guy was back here now.

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    What is the best toilet cleaning product you use?

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