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    Something needs to be done with all these replay reviews

    Talk about killing the flow of a game. Geesh, as if commercials after each drive aren't bad enough, it seems like the booth reviews are just getting out of hand. Honest to God, if I didn't have money on these games, I'd be getting wrapped up in Andy Griffith reruns at every timeout.

    Give the booth 45 seconds max to review a play. If they can't make a determination, it must be too close to call and the original call stands.

    (Noticed early on that college basketball refs really seem eager to go to the monitor this year)

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    I hear you, last year St. John's was involved in a 5 point game, With 1:51 left down 5, johnnies hit a bucket, cut it to 3, shooting foul on Nova guy sends him to line, hits the 2, johnnies answer, back to 3 points, time out, then hack a shack, free throws, time out again, and on and on. Long story short, no shit because I looked at the clock, the final 1:51 of that game took 23 real time minutes.

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    Good points

    The time limit on the review would really speed up the game

    You can tell in one minute if the call is correct

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    Blame it on HD cameras.