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    Quote Originally Posted by PromiseLand View Post
    You're not impressed after a 37 year old guy comes back from potentially career ending neck surgery to break the single season passing TD record? Damn, you guys are hard to please!

    Brady went 16-0 and broke it by 1 and he stayed in games when up 49 points

    Manning got to 51 in 15 games... not even a full season, and all the while having a team with 3 losses...Brady's team was better overall esp on defense and gave him more opportunities on offense

    every team tries to hold the ball and keep it out of Manning's arms and he don't give a fukk and still rapes you even if losing the TOP 20 min to 40 min

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    Kind of funny on the record tying TD. They took less than a minute to review it when the ball was clearly moving in Decker's hands. Decker's previous TD was a blatant PI where he pushed off the guy so hard the CB fell on his ass. Manning is the greatest evaaaa!

    The slack jawed yokel will be bye week and done in the playoffs...business as usual. The league is so watered down now on defense and officiating that any offensive records can legitimately be scoffed at.

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    Guys there is no doubt 50+ is an impressive # but the whole point is Marinos 48 stood for ov 2 decades now guys have gone ov 50 twice now in just a few years. Same with the yards 5k is the new benchmark now. Not trying to belittle anyone's achievements some of these new era guys are amazing. But there is no doubt the stats are helped by the new rules and teams have got away from running more these days and you see more guys chucking it 50 times a game. I'm not a Manning , Brady hater just pointing out the obvious!

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    Might be hard to break with all these new qb's coming up

    they Just not that good throwers
    look who broke record ???? All time great

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    The NFL will keep changing the rules until the average QB will throw 50 TDs.

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