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    Whole college football season is hypocitical

    We & the talking heads spend the first month or two of the season bitching and moaning about how nobody ever schedules anybody. Now at the end of the year when we're talking about a 1 loss SEC team vs an Ohio State or FSU it's "they can only play who is on their schedule" and "they're undefeated".

    If there is ever evidence to never schedule anybody, this year is it. Why would any school with national title hopes schedule another decent team or for that matter a Boise, UCF, Fresno type school?

    We talk about how a teams schedule is a joke and then reward them at the end of the season for scheduling a joke.

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    Every year the same. Major playoff system needed . At least 8 teams and perhaps more.

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    Bcs gets it right most of the time

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    Big conference plus 11-0 plus conference championship game equals title shot. Big 12 hasn't figured out the equation yet.