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    I have no dog in the USC hire but I find it "lacking" for a better word.

    USC is one of the top coaching jobs in the country and a more quality coach could have been found in my humble opinion.

    Sarkisiam was 34-29, 0-5 against Oregon and what bothers me most just 7-20 on the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChalkyDog View Post
    Not being a dick, but who gives a shit.

    I barely know boise exists with Peterson.

    They're a blue turf gimmick.
    Yeah, it's damn near irrelevant, but I'm a MWC guy, so I'm interested.

    Beau Baldwin of Eastern Washington has done a great job (and has experience on gimmicky turf), especially recruiting out there in the sticks, but the BSU job might be over his head at this point.

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    Can count Mora out as he just signed a 6 year extension

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    I don't think Peterson is going anywhere.

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    Part of the reason he got job is he looks part

    Southern California look

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