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    The Game ! (Harvard v. Yale)

    I work up the block from the Yale campus in New Haven, 2 blocks from "The Green", had to work some o/t this morning, walking up Church Street had to be 100 en-masse with the Yale hoodies on.

    Amtrak gets in from Boston, ditto, tons of Crimson clad kids walking up the street.
    Said to myself, oh yeah, "The Game" is in the Yale bowl.

    If you don't know this, and you should, this is the longest rivalry in football, these guys have been going at it since the Roman Gladiator days, they respectfully can't stand each other, but it's a big deal here in New Haven.

    It's just as big as UCLA v. USC, Army v. Navy, Red Sox v. Yankees, Cowboys v. Giants.

    Too bad I wanted to get home, it's party central.

    Ok,ok, I can hear you know, that's great Nasher, but what's the play.

    Well, I pay attention to Fairfield and UCONN, but I do know Yale athletics went from pretty damn shitty, to decent in the past few years.

    Just the basics, Yale is 4-3 (3-3 Ivy) pretty much beat who they should have beaten, and lost to better teams (except Dartmouth) Typical Yale game this year have been like 34-28 ish.

    Harvard is 8-1 (5-1 Ivy) behind Princeton for the top spot in that league.
    Looking it over, it's not a very impressive 8-1.

    So, being the homer that I am, and the game is on the tube, I said to myself, if I can get a touchdown, I'll try Yale.Homefield in this matchup is huge. This is these kids Super Bowl.

    On paper, since who watches Ivy league games, on paper, Harvard looks a little better, but not worlds better.

    I got to go to sources when I need numbers.
    Dunkel Index, and Sagarin.

    Line is nine at 5D
    I like it so far.
    Off of what I see on paper, the game should be Harvard -7 or 8 on a neutral turf.
    Put this game in the Yale Bowl, the line should be, I don't know 5 maybe?

    Here's Dunkel

    Harvard at Yale (12:00 p.m. EST)
    Dunkel Ratings: Harvard 63.633; Yale 58.294
    Dunkel Line: Harvard by 5 1/2

    Sagarin has Harvard 4.5

    I guess the people who bet these games still thinks Yale still sucks.
    Well, they ain't Alabama, but they ain't Columbia.

    So, I am going to pay homage to the Yale kids up the street, take the nine points.


    Why 1*?

    a) It's the Ivy League
    b) You have to lay 1.20 for 1.00 in these sub division games.
    c) How can you really handicap teams that feature rich white kids with minimal athletic talent, and really smart black kids that get good grades.

    Not for nothing, the over 62 is too high, might try the under also

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    I have never been to a college football game, and I attend Sam Houston State. Been looking at maybe the Texas Bowl here in Houston, I've always wanted to feel the atmosphere of the place.

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    It use to be big

    Now nobody cares but locals

    College Football really changed