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    just hit Northern Illinois TT OVER 21.5 2nd half INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!1,

    DEAD IN THE WATER...14 points.....they are 10 all they have to do is take a knee and ball game is over. instead Lynch bulls his way into the end zone. so I'm still losing by .5 point

    Ball State gets ball back, DUDE THROWS A PICK SIX, but announcer goes, NO WAIT HES OUT AT THE 1, my heart stops, he say NO ITS A TOUCHDOWN. 2 TDs that should have ever ever happend with 1:16 left in a game with a team who had the ball, lead, and opposing team no time outs.

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    Congrats Junker..
    Hahaha...Just never know what will happen.

    Had a NIU & over parlay myself.
    175 pts

    SBR TRIVIA WINNER 04/12/2021

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    Saw it and fully expected to push with NIU -7, will take the result!

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    No, they could not have run out the clock by taking a knee. Close, but not quite.

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    Like to see guys get breaks and win!