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    NFL Sunday two teamer +6 points Lock play special. Hammer it fellas.

    Tease the 49er's -6 and the Broncos -7 by +6 points. A lot of crazy sh1t will have to happen for both the Broncos and 49ers to lose against the teams the are playing. The only way the Chargers can beat the Broncos is outscoring them, I think the Broncos defense will hold their own against Rivers. Also, the Broncos not having having John Fox will not be a huge factor since Manning has the final say on play calls with his audible. And, the 49er's defense is too good for Cam Newton to dissect, just don't see the Panthers winning. If Matt Ryan was somewhat average last week even the lowly Falcons could of beaten the Panthers.

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    Could even throw Seattle in there too. Seattle ain't going loose