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    Tnf - wash-2 @ minn

    Been debating with my roommate over tomorrow night's NFL game. I personally love the skins-2.

    Home field on Thursdays hasn't been much of an advantage this season as 4 away teams and 5 home teams have won TNF (with last week's away team losing in OT).

    I think RGIII has been turnt up lately with garcon and reed, and Morris seems to be getting his ground game together. Yes their D is pathetic but so is Minnesota's. Ponder has one less trustworthy target as Rudolf is out, and honestly AD hasn't been too impressive lately. Both teams have shitty D but skins have shown they can put up 45 on a bears D that certainly is tougher than minny.

    Is Skins-2 tomorrow night's pro play?

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    Na. Vikings defensive line is gonna eat RGII alive