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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard1183 View Post
    Except when they play the Saints. Lol
    Last time they played the Saints, they took it to overtime. Saints fumbled the ball, took a favorable bounce for them, and they recovered in the redzone. Won by 6

    Time before that, D Ware came in off of injury and single handedly won the game at the end, sack/fumble, recovered by the Cowboys. Oh, and that was in NO and the Saints were undefeated until that game.

    Cowboys had the Chargers beaten, then fell asleep second half. Lost 3 other games by a total of 5 points. Were in all 3 games, and 2 of them were theirs to lose.

    Cowboys +7 is the play. Could very well win straight up, but with the banged up O line and D line, Id rather have the points

    Saints D is also not the sieve they were last year, and Dallas has struggled to execute on offense at times. Their D is predicated on turnovers and tightening in the redzone. I dont do totals, but with over seeming like such a "lock", I actually love the under.
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    While I'm a HUGE Cowboys fan, this game worries me. The Brees to Graham connection worries me. I think Carr's job will be to cover Graham all night long. I don't know if Carr can do it or not.

    Also, Hatcher and Dez may not play. Hatcher has what was thought to be a shoulder stinger, but it may be worse. Dez has back problems. While the Cowboys have not said so, they are quietly concerned that it may be a bulging or herniated disc.

    No word yet on whether either one of them will play on Sunday night. Stay tuned.

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