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    Why is their more fouls called on Wesern Conference games compared to the East

    You look at these games where 2 western conference teams are playing its almost of norm to see each side 25+ free throws every time. On the other hand in the east 20-25 sometimes even less is the norm. What is the reason for this? Do the teams in the west drive to the rim more often? Do they play at a faster tempo? Any reasonable explanation for this?

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    Western conference teams score a lot of points. That means more possessions, and more possessions could mean more "opportunities" to foul. I think "play at a faster tempo" could be it. What are others' opinions?

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    more European players on Western Conference teams.

    they are known to play a "dirty style of basketball" in Europe

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    Take more overs in the West

    Grinders in the East

    Same with real life

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    sausage grinders ^