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    Trap Games: Eagles, Colts, and Dallas

    Public is on Eagles, Colts, and Dallas.

    Tampa Bay just seems like they can pull off a win vs. the Eagles. I have no logical reason for picking Tampa Bay, but they are 1 point underdogs at home. Tampa Bay is going to have a new coach next year and be a playoff team.

    Colts coming off of a win against the best team in the NFL at home and then going on the road against a San Diego team that looked awful on Sunday. San Diego is not a bad team and being a home underdog could very easily win this game.

    Dallas this team has always gone up and down. Dallas lost to Denver in a very impressive fashion, but this team fluctuates like no other. Washington is starting to hit their stride and RGIII is recovering. Washington also had a week off to prepare.

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    I often wonder if I am still considered part of "The Public". I don't get out much like I used to mostly just stay around the house with Mum and golf a few times a week. Mountain bike a lot but mostly by myself.

    Maybe I am trapped. Maybe I am not part of the public and the public trapped me.

    Fukkin confused a bit about this.

    Can you help?? You seen like pretty good guy.

    Let me know.