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    The Super Bettors

    Based on this thread http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/nfl-bettin...ghts-game.html, I've decided to create a new mini series.


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    [Episode 1: Monday Night Football]

    And now its time for The Super Bettors

    Staring everyone's favourite sports betting heroes

    Capitan Obvious

    Illogical Man

    And Introducing The Hindsight Kid

    Tonight our hero's face their toughest challenge yet.... Monday Night Football [DUN DUN DUN]...

    Capitan Obvious: "Ok super friends, tonight our goal is to make money on the most watched football game of the week. To do this we need to choose the winning team"

    Hindsight Kid: "But captain the game is still hours away, I can't post my pick for the game until its over or at the very least a team has a multi-score lead"

    Illogical Man: "Don't worry friends, my trusty faulty science computer will help us pick the winner tonight"

    Captain Obvious: "Faulty science computer? Great Scott Illogical man, what is this contraption"

    Illogical Man: "It is my full proof betting system programmed into this Toshiba Handibook. It is based on flawed logic, gut feelings, 3 hour old line-up information which the books have already accounted for and most importantly random guesses"

    Hindsight Kid: "Amazing Illogical man"

    Illogical Man: "Now we simply put the Money Line and Spread information into the faulty science computer and our bet for the game will be produced"


    Captain Obvious:
    "Ah ha, the faulty science computer says that The Saints have a 80% chance to win the game so given they are paying -300 we should bet on them"

    The Amazing- doesn't actually understand what the term 'juice' means - Man: "But Capitan -300 is so much ‘juice’ why would we bet $100 to only win $33"

    Illogical Man: "That's a good point super friend"

    Hindsight Kid: "Wait my amazin’ amigos the Toshiba Handibook is calculating another meaningless prediction"

    Captain Obvious: "Well look at this chums, the flawed science computer is now saying the Saints are a 55% favourite to cover the 7 point spread, but are paying +100. Looks like Saints -7 is our bet"

    Illogical Man: "Amazing Captain.... another nationally televised football game has been solved, what do you think of our bet Hindsight Kid"

    Hindsight Kid: ​"I’ll let you know after the game"

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    what exactly have we accomplished here

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    is like man on man sex. not good!

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    Are you drunk kid??

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    Premise could have been funny. Dialogue lacked humor. C- and a participation ribbon. Thanks for trying.

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