I was in a bar so there was no audio to that game but I am pretty sure the black Arkansas coach shoved him.

Johnny Football was jawing with the Arkansas defenders the whole game and on one play he rolled right and was running hard by the sideline and got chased out of bounds. The Razorbacks were lined up very close to the sidelines and he ran into them. I think the coach sort of caught him and he was talking trash and it looked like the coach pushed him in the back.

Johnny was laughing and turned around to talk more trash but the ref was yelling at him that he'd get a penalty. Johnny was trying to explain something to the ref and I think he told the ref that the Arkansas coach pushed him.

I can't believe how much of a hot dog Johnny Football is. He makes a big play and is jawing at the other team. The crowd starts booing him and he waves his arms for them to yell louder. You just don't see that level of hyper confidence. Most guys are just trying to "take it one day at a time". Johnny Football is like a young Favre.