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    Quote Originally Posted by Luckycharms2012 View Post
    I believe Pavyracer, after watching Clemson try to do everything to not cover, and the very very strange Boise St vs Fresno game where Boise St went for it on 4th and 16 in the 2nd qtr, which lead to a quick TD for Fresno, and then after getting a TD that should have tied it, Boise coach decided to go for 2 which they didn't convert....i'm convinced something is going on. Feeling very wary of betting today but you know i will.....
    I was wondering the same things...and this is just with the first 2 games of week 4...yikes

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    If someone beat all the caca out of Pavy, he would be transparent.

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    Dumbest thing I've heard in awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raydog View Post
    sharps will have a field day tomorrow...out of conf. games where lines are at their weakest and joes bitch about no big marquee match ups...should be slow, but a fun day .. gl
    who do you like today pal?

    give us some winners.

    college football and hockey are my two weakest sports.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 747planes View Post
    And why is it this week? If this is true, I don't think all the boosters would pick the same week. I am sure they will circle one game in the schedule with a big spread and tell the big favorite to let a backdoor cover. If they are going to pound big money I don't think they will take the chance with telling a favorite to cover -39.5 spread. Not covering is more secure than covering when it comes to big spread. Dumb thread even if the booster thing is true.
    i agree with this reasoning.. in football you can't guarantee you will pound a team... even if you go in wanting too... but not covering... really easy to not cover..

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