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    Arkansas State is a Dangerous Dog vs. Auburn

    In the Gus Malzahn Bowl, I grabbed the Red Wolves +10.5 ATS and also a little +345 on the ML. I know this is Sun Belt vs. SEC, but ASU is a top contender to win the Sun Belt while Auburn is bottom tier SEC. While ASU won 62-11 opening week, that didn't really mean much considering it was vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff. What DID mean something was Auburn struggling to beat a mediocre Washington State team 31-24 here at home. The Tigers' defense allowed Wazzou to run up 464 total yards, and while the Cougars were pass-happy as usual, they also managed to rush for 120 yards on 5.2 yards per carry. Now Auburn has to contend with a true running team and ASU amassed over 500 rushing yards vs Pine Bluff. Plus naturally, ASU will be revved up to face Malzahn after he vaulted from Arkansas State to return to Auburn as coach this year after serving as their offensive coordinator in the Cam Newton days.

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    I likes it

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    Been thinking about you. Tailing you now. On it

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    Arky st can score , but sharps pounded the opener

    Gonna watch this one, initially thought the same way LT

    BTW, great posting lately

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    Malzahn knows the personnel of both teams very well. Auburn wins this one big by virtue of home field and better players all around. If there is a quarterback change for Auburn then all bets go out of the window on the tigers.

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    Everyone is looking at Arky St from the past 3 years. News flash, Ryan Aplin is gone and the only thing to base this newly manned team on is a win vs Arkansas Peanut Butter and Jelly University. Auburn should handle them properly, -10.5 is not enough, Arky St never plays BCS opponents well, and that includes when Aplin was here.

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    Auburn big.

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    lt man, all your threads giving out data on games are adding up to shit picks.