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    It's bizzaro world in MLB tonight. Unreal

    Garza goes against a AAA lineup in the Twins, gives up a lead off tater, followed by another hit.

    Haren goes against a AA Mets line up and gets torched for 8 runs.

    Minor goes against a AAA Marlin lineup, he's down 3-1

    Nova makes like Bob Gibson and goes nine innings shutting down that stacked O lineup on 3 hits and no runs.

    You could see 5 -160 faves go down tonight and 2 -210 faves crash and burn as well.

    Glad I don't like the taste of chalk, because chalk players are getting buried, buried and creamated.

    Anybody who lays more than -135 is just asking for trouble.

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    well surprisingly the mets have won 3 of 4 now 4 of 5 since the trade