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    Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods? 2013

    Although Phil's career is more well-rounded, 14-5 in majors is no comparison. Phil has a lot of 2nd places and that's overlooked. Tiger is playing great golf again, but has actually switched roles as a choker. This comparison would be closer if Phil never took so many risks.

    Tiger clearly has the better body of work, but right now, Phil Mickelson "Is playing better golf". He has totally narrowed the gap and I see him winning another 2 to 3 majors.

    Woods hasn't won a major since 2008!!!. If Phil gets on a role, this might get in Tiger's mindset and the gap will narrow even further. Phil's final round at the British Open is more impressive than anything that I've seen Tiger do.

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    Phil's career isn't more well-rounded nor is he playing better golf, not even close.

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    Phil is playing better golf??

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    Tiger miles ahead of him

    Compare all tourneys both have been in this year

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    How is Phil's career more well-rounded? Tiger's win rate is around 27%. Mickelson is 9%, I believe. Phil is 2nd best of the last 20 years, but still miles behind Tiger, both for career and also current form.
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