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Well then that's AROD's problem. His body. His choice. His consequences. I wouldn't take them. Everybody has a choice. Pro choice. Supreme Court said so.
It's not a choice then. It becomes a mandate on the league to be on roids. All you did was simply give athletes the guise of choice.

People "choosing" to not take roids, would effectively be "choosing" not to be a major player, or even a player at all - in the MLB.

A boyhood dream shouldn't have the pre-requisite of taking roids to "make it".

If you wanted to start up an all-roid league. I'd watch that for sure.

I don't have any judgment one way or the other about people choosing to abuse their bodies for immediate benefits. God knows I do it daily. They have every right to do so. God given even.

Roids have no place in the MLB.

It's a shame Selig didn't have the foresight to recognize the impending calamity. But, I presume he was too busy counting the money his big bats were bringing into the sport. A once dying, since reborn, and again now dying MLB.