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    When did NBA contracts turn into performance based?

    I always thought the main difference between NFL and NBA contracts were in the NBA everything was guarenteed from the moment you signed the deal. Before this Bynum deal ive never heard about an " incentive based" contract that has all these knee injury stipulations like what Bynums appears to be. Was this a change under the new CBA?

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    I always thought there was this "incentive based" bonus.. They have to hit a given stat or something like that...

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    Players that would not normally be signed for that amount who have suffered setbacks. Whether personal, injury, or just did not live up to the expectations of the last contract.

    Sometimes the offer would come in at say 6 mill a year...player thinks he is worth 9 to 10 million. They could agree on 5 mil a year with incentives to make it 8 or 9...win for both sides.

    Now why more player to player pressure is not put on to stop players from signing these deals I have no idea. Could start a large trend