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    DSI Live Casino BJ scam

    I normally NEVER play any black jack online because as many of you know, they pretty much all are shady. But I was bored and I saw that DSI has this live casino thing that has a real live dealer like you are in an actual casino. HUGE MISTAKE...First I only played like 10-15 hands... EVERY SINGLE TIME BUT ONCE the dealer had 20+(about 13 out of the 15 they had a face card showing... 3 different times I got and 11 (dealer had a face card all 3) and it gives you NO option to hit!!! you have to either double down or stand!! The first time I didn't click anything cause I wanted to hit and there was no option and it only gives you 5 secs...it doubled down automatically. The next 2 times I had to just click double cause obv im not standing on 11....ALL 3 TIMES I GOT A 2!!! dealer ended up with 20 or 21. If you call DSI they say their live casino is through a 3rd party and that I have to contact them...weird they don't tell you that before...that's like me going into a reputable store giving a guy 100$ to fix a clock and then him telling me when I come back that he gave it to a third party to fix and they kept the clock and the 100$. And also that he cant help me, and to try to get in touch with the 3rd party somehow!! So disappointed... I just started with DSI and I really liked them...I still somewhat feel comfortable with the sportsbook but the fact that they would be involved with such things bothers me. Like I said its my own fault I should know better, just trust me if you are thinking about playing blackjack online I can PROMISE you it is a scam to get as much money out of you as they can...DO NOT DO IT....ITS NOT WORTH IT

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    hope you didn't lose much. Online casinos whether live or not are all not worth wasting a penny on. Stay far far away.

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    I had the same happen to me. I have on the live casino quite a bit. I believe that the live casino has a person from their company at a seat and that there is an electronic device that reads the upcoming cards. The live casino member then splits 20's, stands on obvious hitting hands, or hits on obvious standing hands. This is done with the intention to give the dealer the perfect card. I play mostly $10 hands. During my last sit down, I raised my bet to $50 and this has happened before, i had 10 and the dealer showed 8. I drew an 8 for 18. The other two players played their hands normally. The anchor player split his 20. On the first hand he got a 4 and stayed with 14. On the next hand he drew an 8 and stayed with 18. The dealer then flipped their card and showed 14. The next card was a 2 for 16, and the next was a 4 for 20. This has happened several times now to me. It makes me so angry bc I know I have been cheated. Rather than rage betting, which I was tempted to so,I decided to cut my losses and have the cheating casino disabled. Don't fall a victim to this cheating bs.