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    I told you this isn't the series to bet for a close game. Your better off laying $50 on both sides to win by 11-15 or 16-21 for +700 to +900 odds.

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    Stop wasting time with film study. Stop with the don't question me jive. None of it is working.

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    When did he ever bet against the Heat? I don't think he's ever posted a bet against his pin up idols. I've never seen it. Whenever he post a prediction with Miami I always know what side he's on before he even post.

    I am positive that he will create a post going dam near all in on game 6. He will probably say that he won't post again if they lose guarantee or some shit for the dramatics.

    Quote Originally Posted by t-wizzle View Post
    I know this was only a $100 bet but you need to get over your Heat obsession. You've bet against this team once in the last 3 years. That's just embarrassing dude.

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    Better go rewatch some of that film

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    Quote Originally Posted by t-wizzle View Post
    His obsession with the Heat is almost sickly. Guy honestly believe this team is going to cover every single game.
    his obsession with A' mare Stoudemire in 2010 was the sickest thing I have ever seen. He literally hailed A'mare as a great defender. Lmfao.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goat Milk View Post
    I look for this game to come right down to the wire, possibly even overtime. I see Wade James Allen or Chalmers hitting a big shot in the closing seconds of the 4th. The game to just as well go the Spurs's way with them winning on a nail biter at the end but when I rewatched game 4 I just saw no possible adjustments the Spurs could really make at this point in the series to disrupt the rhythm Miami has found. Can certainly play better offensively but Parker is hurt and Green and Neil are not going to keep hitting 3s, trust me. That leaves a lot on Manu Ginobli's shoulders tonight.

    $100 on MIAMI wins by 1-5 +333.

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    Goat still killin.

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    Miami is basically a lock to win Game 6. Stern will write the script and make sure of it. Ratings theory. Goat knew he could type in a low bet then chase with $2000 of air on the Miami ML next game. Shawp.
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    Line is irrelevant to this guy. He just can't help being blinded in awe over the big names. He doesn't even look @ the line & take it into consideration he just auto bets MIA every game. MIA could be favored by 20 & he would still take em just because they have "stars"

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    Hahahahaahahaha.. GOATSHIT IS A FUKKING IDIOT!!!!

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    I like this one "green and neal are not going to hit 3's trust me"..................got it half right.....yep..right down to the wire goat, funny guy, study more film

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