PANAMA > ARGENTINA (-8.5 fave)

+300 dog???

Argentina is 0-2 SU in this Fiba tourney and in their prep games they were absolute shit. Moreover, their team is a shell of what they normally are and their best player is a 3rd level complimentary player in Scola.

Panama came close to beating Rep. Dom.... and they just beat a Venezuela team that beat Argentina by 16 pts. Argentina was a 9 or 9.5 fave in that game vs. Ven... and they trailed by 22 or 23 pts.

This game is a night-cap game in San Juan. It is important for Arg as they will surely lose to RD in their 4th game on Sunday. The papers will likely read, 'Mighty basketball nation Argentina goes 0-4 in San Juan Fiba tourney'. And there's a good chance that will happen