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    Two preseason games I like this week...


    Betting the preseason in the NFL is not for the faint at heart. It possesses all of the follies and head-scratchers that the regular season does while tacking on a whole new level with even more bizarre play calling and extreme-depth guys getting valuable minutes. If you are among those brave enough to give it a try, here are two games that I like quite a bit this weekend.

    Dallas Cowboys -2.5 (-115) over Tennessee Titans

    It isn’t easy to cap a preseason game based on a stadium. But this is the NEW COWBOY’S STADIUM. When you hear Jerry Jones talk about this place, and the amount of money that went into it, it really is overwhelming how incredible and how big of a deal this stadium is.

    Yes, it is only the preseason. But this is the first time that the Dallas Cowboys are setting foot on the field, the true debut of the stadium to it’s loyal fans.

    The fact that it was only a preseason game doesn’t change the fact that the Cowboys and their fans were not pleased at all with the whipping they received in Oakland last week. The Raiders handily dominated the game, especially in the later stages, and as much as fans want to just write it off as a preseason game, the thought still looms; "Is this a sign of things to come?" With the departure of TO, many football fans are expecting that it may be.

    For the Tennessee Titans, this is just another preseason football game. They’re already 2-0 and they really don’t have anything to prove. They will of course be looking for the win, but there is no way that they can want it more than the Cowboys do. Debuting the new stadium and trying to send the message that "everything is going to be okay in 2009", this is as big as a preseason game can get.

    I can almost guarantee that Jerry Jones has made it very clear to his players and coaches that he is expecting a win here, and after last week’s embarrassing effort, I get the feeling the players are dying to get back out there and redeem themselves.

    The Pick: Dallas Cowboys -2.5, -115

    San Francisco 49ers -3.0 (+100) over Oakland Raiders

    With Tom Cable "allegedly" punching a another staff member in the face, sports news sources have been running wild with that story and brushing the much more important story under the table; Chaz Schilens, the receiver that had a breakout game in the first preseason game against the Cowboys, broke a bone in his left foot and is done for the preseason and likely part of the regular season.

    The Raiders’ already paper-thin wide receiver depth got even thinner with that news. With Javon Walker still out while recovering from offseason knee surgery and Louis Murphy nursing a hip-injury that will likely force him out of action, the Raiders are without three of their top four projected receivers heading into the season. That leaves only Heyward-Bey, who will be an obvious choice to double cover, and likely won’t play too many snaps.

    This is a game that the Oakland Raiders will be playing extremely conservatively in my estimation. As much as Heyward-Bey needs the experience, they simply can not afford to lose him to injury with Schilens already out. They also can’t afford to play an injured Louis Murphy. It is also looking more and more like the Raiders will just have to keep on relying on their three headed monster of RBs in Fargas, McFadden, and Bush; and losing any of them (especially McFadden) would be catastrophic to the season.

    With no one to pass to and preserving the health of the RB core at the utmost importance, the Raiders will probably just be looking to survive this game without too much concern about winning it. The 49ers, meanwhile, will be happy to get the home town fans another win while continuing to try to figure out their QB situation.

    The Pick: San Francisco 49ers -3.0, +100

    Good luck!

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    Nice analysis Dave!

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    good luck but i disagree.

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    Best of Luck David!

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    I like the Dallas pick, ROmo needs to play well or face possible benching.

    I would take Tenny though in the 1st half

    Week 12
    3-2-0 329 pts

    Week 11
    4-1-0 655 pts



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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    I like the Dallas pick, ROmo needs to play well or face possible benching.

    I would take Tenny though in the 1st half

    tennessee's first team is going to play the first half.

    kerry collins will play two series with the first team and then vy takes over with the first unit until the half.

    then vy will prob see more action in the 3rd quarter where patrick ramsey will take over.

    dallas has no answer to vy and ramsey's experience at qb [depth] in the second half and romo can only do so much against an unstoppable defense in the first half.

    makes your picks accordingly homies.

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    dallas covers

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    Dallas at home with a new Texas sized stadium playing a former rival in Tennessee who will probably trot out the old Oilers uniforms, and beat the shit out of Dallas and no-one will care because its the first time anyone has been there. Old Jerry will be on the field in his new innovation for rich guys called the "Owners Field Level Box Suite". Soon places everywhere will have these new addons retrofitted into their local stadiums so they can sell more upfront, in your face, player access suites at reasonable recession busting prices.

    Come to think of it I don't have a preference,

    Good luck.

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    Are these philosophy picks?

    Week 15
    3-2-0 350 pts

    Week 12
    3-2-0 366 pts

    Week 11
    3-2-0 328 pts

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    I like them both and played them in the looselines contest gl Steelers is the play of the week though