Louisville(7-0) is one of the hottest teams in the country right now. How good are they? It's really hard to tell, hopefully a few of these facts will help us to determine a better angle on this game.

Cincinnati(5-1) is a SOLID team. Last week they went to Toledo and lost. Keep that in mind.

I am going in on Cincinnati. I haven't figured out for how much yet, but let me tell you why...

Louisville has played a total of 7 games. Out of those 7 games, they have played ONE opponent with a .500 or better record. That was North Carolina. Louisville's opposing teams combined records are 19-39. Keep in mind that Kentucky is 1-7, Florida International is 1-7, and Southern Miss is 0-7. The only team out of those 3 named that Louisville beat by more than a touchdown was Kentucky.

Cincinnati has played a total of 6 games. Out of those 6 games only TWO of those opponents were under .500. Cincinnati's opposing teams combined records are 25-19. The worst record for a Cincinnati opposing team is 3-4 by the way. Cincinnati's ONE loss came against Toledo. Just so you know, Toledo's ONE loss came against Arizona in overtime.

Louisville is stronger at the quarterback position. There is no question, but Legaux is no slouch whatsoever. He has 12 Td's and 5 Int's on the year, and he is VERY mobile. That is another thing to look out for. They say Bridgewater is a "dual-threat" but he has 42 carries for 82 yards, meanwhile Legaux has 44 carries for 264 yards. You do the math.

ESPN has a little section on each teams page where it ranks them in the country.

Louisville is:

52nd in passing yards per game
66th in rushing yards per game
46th in points per game
36th in points AGAINST per game.

Cincinnati is:

54th in passing yards per game
16th in rushing yards per game
35th in points per game
20th in points AGAINST per game.

The math on that equals a difference in 75 total positions. In Cincinnati's favor.

Something to keep in mind is that neither team really has a dynamic "go to" receiver.

So, if you feel that Teddy Bridgewater can win this game by himself, by all means, go for it.

I am personally on Cincinnati. Keep in mind that this is not intended to sway your mind. This is just facts I picked up in my quest for trying to pick a winner.