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    JJ Gold should B injected into the Hutterite colony tv show shaking things up bigtime

    And people in Montana,North Dakota and Minnesota get embarrassed about the movie Fargo where they say they don't sound and act like nordic nimrods.

    JJ Gold is the absolute total opposite of these Hutterites in every which way.They would be appalled with each other completely and no doubt there would be conflict.They would probably throw JJ in front of a combine so he wouldn't deflower the renegade teenage virgins who are so defiant that they would get it on with mini me for spite that they are cavorting with people outside the colony.

    Anyone see this show??????Who here would go out with the young gal that's always in trouble where she wants to live it up?

    JJ could introduce the colony to matza balls and vigorish

    These young 18 year old virgins that want to leave the colony have no source of income to make it on their own.Why doesn't Playboy do a spread on them to pay them a few $$$$ so they can leave?
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    I can never follow this guy but he is consistent and just does his thing

    Has anyone ever met Brent?