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    another reason why TEXAS is the best state in the country

    LOSER PAYS, have to love this law

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    Quote Originally Posted by crustyme View Post
    please dont put him out of business.

    faders are buying cars and homes thanks to him.
    Not at the moment we ain't

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    A Win For the Good Guys!

    Congratulations SBR! Nothing worse than litigious bastards, welches (EZStreet Sports is a prime example) and rats. Get em where it hurts!

    These guys are so lawsuit happy they sue each other. Stevo Design (Steve Budin's company) even sued Brandon Link (Lang), lol.

    Question: What's the definition of heartbreak? Answer: A bus full of lawyers going over the side of a cliff and there are three empty seats.

    Hey guys, mom invites you over for dinner and does not serve your favorite dish? Sue her! Mrs. Budin finds out Stevo is taking her to court:

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    John, any progress with recouping the court fees, or are they hiding behind the shell?

    Quote Originally Posted by bobby heenan View Post
    it should read "langs 100 dime civil lawusuit"
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    I guess Steveo's law man didn't do his homework in law class he was a cheater???? pay up bitch's!!!!!1

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    Congrats SBR

    Rumor has it the judge that ruled against Lang,lost a ton on his 100 dimer play.

    He now ,will be suing Lang for damages.

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    It's like his picks... Fade, Fade, Fade..

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    im proud of my SBR! Congrats guys!

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